HEL – horse

“The crowing of the sooty-red cock from the halls of Hel. One of three cocks that will signal Ragnarök.”

Military boot with 7 ghillie loops and raw leather laces. Translucent parchment leather heel counter and heel loop. Detachable translucent parchment leather storm guard with embroidered stave symbol. The boot is attached to a fully stitched leather and organic crepe sole with storm welt.

Product Care

Remove dirt and apply a natural wax polish to keep nourished and protected. Do not use any products or waxes on parchment leather. If shoes come into contact with water allow to dry thoroughly. Avoid contact with alcohol, oils and abrasive products. NOTE: The parchment leather will change colour and elasticity/form over time, this is a natural characteristic and not a defect.


Horse Leather & Parchment Calf Leather

Made in Italy


Images in colour DIRT

*This will be written in younger futhark runes

Please note that all items are custom made therefore allow 6 weeks for delivery.