About Us



Through a passion for nature and its everlasting presence, we have created items for individuals who dare to push boundaries by walking in the footsteps of their ancestors.

Our belief in using traditional techniques, natural tanning methods and centuries old knowhow spawns from a desire to challenge, provoke and stimulate the senses. With a complete condemnation of mass production, we only produce small batches in order to maintain the highest of standards. As a result, all of our items are completely hand made in England & Italy.

The presentation of our collection is presented through a peculiar and esoteric language; celebrating our inherent desire to provoke, challenge and question. A rupture of instinctive primitiveness which unites natural materials and ancient traditions.

At Legitimate Defiance we believe in true sustainability… not some trashy publicity stunt using plastics which need to be melted down and reconstructed (an immensely toxic process) into a product that is neither desirable nor sustainable.

Our aim is to offer products which have been created by a human using the finest animal hides and materials that are all locally sourced thus enabling us to say that we are genuinely sustainable.

We only collaborate with local tanneries that use hides, skins and pelts that are by-products of the cruelty free food industry. We do not "farm" for these skins - instead we save and re-animate them, embracing their unique and individual marks of life...What we refer to as their beauty blemishes.

The Past is Alive

A goat called Heiðrún stands up in Valhalla biting the buds off the branches of that very famous tree which is called Læraðr. From her teats runs the mead with which every day she fills a cauldron, which is so big that all the Einherjar can drink their fill from it.

If this sign is carried, one will never lose one’s way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known.