“Don’t hold onto the mead horn, but drink your fair share. Say something useful or stay quiet. And no one else will judge you poorly if you go to sleep early”

Hand carved drinking horn and stand. The stand can slot around the horn when in use.

These horns have been carefully worked to ensure they maintain their rustic and natural appearance.

Each horn has been lined with organic beeswax.

(All Horns are different and may have colour, shape and size variations)

Approx. length 35-40cm.  Average volume 500-600ml

Product Care

Rinse with cold water after use. Do not use any cleaning products or hot water.

Not suitable for hot drinks or soft drinks


Ethically sourced horns from British cattle.

Made in England

*This will be written in younger futhark runes

Please note that all items are custom made therefore allow 6 weeks for delivery.