TROLL CROSS 30MM – woodruff – dirt

“He began to howl and bite the rim of his shield. He held the shield up to his mouth and scowled over its upper edge like a mad man”

Handmade forged iron troll cross buckle. The belt is a heavily oiled and waxed bovine.

The belt is oversized with holes from 85-100cm

Additional loop with forged iron D ring for wallet chain. Odal rune branded into belt strap. Contrast stitching.

Product Care

(Calf & Horse) – Nourish and wax at least once a month to maintain suppleness and colour.

Belt comes with a raw linen handmade dust bag with leather Legitimate Defiance label.


Ethically sourced leather, Forged iron coated in linseed

Made in England

*This will be written in younger futhark runes

Please note that all items are custom made therefore allow 6 weeks for delivery.