“Many eyes squint when there’s money around.”

Handmade bifold wallet with 3 credit card slots.

Heiðrún symbol stamped on external with younger futhark Legitimate Defiance Logo stamped on internal pocket.

The external shell has a single raw edge to celebrate the life and reincarnation of the animal.


Product Care

Wolffish – Nourish and wax at least once a month to maintain suppleness and colour.


Ethically sourced Wolffish skin in rot. Internal pockets are made with ethically sourced salmon skin and veg tanned bovine.

 Stitched entirely by hand with linen thread waxed with pure beeswax

NOTE: The inclusion of scars, growth marks and signs of life will be present and are considered beauty marks and not defects.

Handmade in England

3 in stock (can be backordered)

*This will be written in younger futhark runes

Please note that all items are custom made therefore allow 6 weeks for delivery.